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Words by Corey Copeland

Back on August 17, 2017, Meek Mill was arrested on 10th Ave. and Dyckman in New York City. Initially, the Philadelphia native was charged with two felonies: one for reckless driving and one for reckless endangerment. Charges have since been downgraded to two misdemeanors. If Meek can manage to keep away from the NYPD for six months, the incident will be wiped from his record. He also agreed to complete 30 hours of community service. He has finished 20 hours already.

“This swift resolution vindicates Meek and clearly shows how outrageous the police department’s conduct is in this case,” sad lawyer, Joe Tacopina.



The top Dream Chaser continues to redefine what it means to lose.

While filming a music video, Meek did what he has been doing for years. With one kick down, he started his dirt bike and quickly shifted up through the gears before popping the clutch. As the winding sound of the two-stroke engine echoed through the streets like music, Meek’s front wheel rocketed into the air. Showing no signs of panic he looked calm and collected as the green Kawasaki glided down the block. He then shared the clip via Instagram.

The following day, Meek was approached by the NYPD and arrested. His arrest was filmed live on Instagram.

As police approach, Meek can be heard asking, “Officer, what’d we do? ”Responding sarcastically, the officer can be heard saying, “What’d you do? I got pictures and video of you riding up and down.”

As Meek senses trouble he reiterates the importance of his rights.

Lawyer, Tacopina boldly condemned the actions of the NYPD. “They had 22 police cars there to arrest Meek Mill’s on a traffic violation” he said. “I mean, I think, when John Gotti was arrested, there were about four police cars,” he continued as he cited the grotesque show of force. Furthermore he suggests his client was targeted by the NYPD.   He says eight other people were presently riding with Meek during the incident, yet no one else was identified or charged.