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Known for giving the people good wings, he is a man of many flavors. Rick Ross was talking real hot and spicy on Snapchat yesterday.

The Biggest Boss of Maybach Music, has been adamant about his displeasure with Cash Money boss, Birdman.


In case you forgot, the once solid friendship begun to unravel a little over a year ago when Young Money president Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against his long time label home, including a separate lawsuit against parent company Universal Music Group.

The lawsuit against Cash Money Records alleges Lil Wayne is owed $51 million. Label head, Birdman says, Wayne was paid already and label has nothing left to give. Coincidentally, Wayne is not the first artist to claim financial differences with the label. The discrepancy has sidelined the release of Lil Wayne’s Carter V. Ross has been to various radio stations where he openly discussed his belief that a father should never treat a son the way Wayne is treated by his former father figure.

Birdman maintains that he wants the best for his son. Months ago he guaranteed the release of the Carter V. Although we have yet to hear anything substantial regarding a release of the album.

Ross continues his support of Lil Wayne as the saga continues to unfold in the palm of fans hands, Rozay took to SnapChat to take aim at Birdman.

“Boy, you a year late, and five years late paying that man his money,” says Ross, referring to Lil Wayne. “Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes, n***a. Bring that shit. Bring it.”  Afterward, the scene changes to a massive gazebo, in which Ross continues to monologue from a tropical paradise. “Have no fear. All that talkin’ shit, nah-uh, all that shit don’t work round here baby. We’ll put you in check n***a, we’ll put you somewhere else.”

It’s obvious Ross fired his shots but it is unlikely we will hear a response from Birdman. Earlier this year, he made it clear that he lives life unfazed by people’s opinions before alluding to being busy living a life of lavish.

Shut up and pay n***as,” Ross concluded.

Lil Wayne has also gone public about his recent feelings for the daddy he once claimed to stunt like. Ultimately Wayne’s music ha been stifled and sidelined. His attempts to release music independent of the drama has been feeble.

Keep your eyes peeled as this news continue to develop.

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