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If you’re a UCLA student who skips class regularly, you missed out on a pretty iconic surprise appearance. During an intriguing class titled, “Sunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror Aesthetic,” students were in for the shock of their lives as their professor, author and screenwriter Tanaarive Due, secretly brought in comedian/film director Jordan Peele into the back row of the class on campus during a screening of the widely acclaimed horror film, Get Out. Students received an opportunity of a lifetime when Peele sat in the back row of the class and raised his hand in response to a question about notable themes of black bodies that the director illustrated throughout the film. As Jordan raised his hand, Tanaarive said, “You in the back” and called on the Emmy award winner as if he was a regular student in the course.



As Peele walked to the front of the class, he was met with students’ reactions of shock, amazement, surprise, wonder, astonishment and disbelief that the Key & Peele actor was in their presence. After continuous cheering and applause, Peele gave a lecture to the students about the movie, its elements, and also shared his thoughts about The Sunken Place: “I realized it was the prison industrial complex. It’s the entire system that keeps us down, external and internal,” Jordan Peele stated.

The smash hit movie, Get Out, has grossed over $253 million worldwide to date from a mere $4.5 million budget. The film stars Black Mirror British actor Daniel Kaluga as Chris Washington, and Allison Williams as Rose Armitage as they play an interracial couple who realize the estate of Rose’s parents isn’t all that it seems when a scheme arises of white people stealing the livelihoods of young Black adults. The film further uncovers several themes of blatant and subtle racism, captivity, and assimilation in society.

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