Words by Alexandra Salandy

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Waka Flocka is currently getting bashed on social media for his recent comments during his interview on Sway in The Morning in the video above.

The “Flockaveli” rapper was addressing racial topics such as the Dove commercial, when he then asked Sway what exactly was wrong with the concept of the commercial. Co-host Mike Muse explained the racial discrepancies revolving around the Dove commercial. This is when things went totally left in the conversation.


When it comes to talking about African Americans, I have no education with that period. I’m not even connected with that because that is a system. That is like connected to ‘hey he’s a bad guy’ I’m not African American at all, Waka said.

The comments were very shocking to hear especially because earlier this week the Atlana emcee seemed upset about Colin Kaepernick’s current situation. On an interview with Hot 97, he questioned if the NFL truly knew what that flag did to us. He also explained how he delete his ESPN app and unsubscribed to Infinity to show respect for Jemele Hill, who was suspended for her comments against Trump.

Clearly Waka has a change of heart because he claims he is not an African American because his folks are not from Africa. Waka claims his family is 100% Indians (Native Americans), but he classifies himself as other because his uneducated.

After admitting he was uneducated and confused he continued to say “I am damn sure not black, you’re not going to call me black.”

Since the word got out, social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram have been going crazy!