Words by Jason Cordner

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During Sunday Night Football, longtime sportscaster Al Michaels thought it would be a grand idea to make a Harvey Weinstein reference in an attempt to describe the Giants’ recent issues.


That joke caught the attention of everybody since Weinstein has been all over the news for the past week after he was accused of sexually harassing and assaulted more than a dozen women.

Pretty sure NBC’s producers saw the backlash online and told Michaels to apologize before it got worse, so that’s exactly what he had to do.

 “Sorry, I made a reference earlier before, trying to be a little flip about somebody [who’s] obviously very much in the news all over the country, and it was not meant in that matter,” Michaels said. “So, my apologies, and we’ll just leave it at that.”

Cris Collinsworth then added, “Nothing you can do. Move on.”

Some jokes can be a little too soon. Don’t expect any disciplinary actions against Michaels for his comment.