Cam’ron had one gold-selling album under his belt and solidified his spot in the game by 2001. However, he still managed to go broke according to a recent interview with MReck TV. When Cam signed to Roc-a-Fella 16 years ago his bank account was empty. “After two albums I was pop,” Kill Cam confesses.

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Fortunately for him, he lucked up in Ohio and got a 10,000 check that he lost *slaps forehead*

I was in front of Baseline [studios]. I lost the $10,000 check. Yo, we in front of the studio, I’m dead pop, I just signed to Roc-A-Fella, but I’m dead pop. I done gambled, did all type of shit, I’m dead pop. I found [an] Ohio lick though, but I got a check out the blue for 10,000. I lost it.

Cam continued saying that he went looking for the check in the streets with Freaky Zeeky, and luckily, Zeeky found it underneath a car. Needless to say things worked out for Cam’ron and he wasn’t broke again as far as we know.


Check out Cam going down memory lane in the video above, part 2 is below.