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Words by Corey Copeland

The new iPhone 8 retails for $649, the iPhone 8 plus retails for $949 while the iPhone X base model retails for $999 and the larger iPhone X retails for $1,149. At these prices your phone needs to be protected at all times.

However, after cashing out on a new phone are you willing to cash out once more on a phone case?

Singapore-based luxury brand, Gray Advent has what appears to be the most expensive case available to the market. The Advent Collection case boast a hefty price tag of $1,345. $196 more than the most expensive iPhone.


Before you start blurting out expletives, find out what makes this case so special. Gray says the case begins with a solid block of titanium which is then machined down into a case. Next, the newly machined case is individually numbered like a limited piece of art. Followed by a heat treated with a hand torch. The heat causes the titanium to emit a violet-purple-esque glow.

Lastly, company logos and signature details are laser-etched onto the case.

You may be familiar with titanium, if not, no worries we got you. Titanium is the seventh most abundant metal on earth. It is known for being a strong durable metal which is virtually indestructible. The case adds an aggressive stealthy look to the phone

How the case works: These are the two main parts that make up the Gray Advent case.The two-piece case frames slide onto both sides of the phone. It is important to note that this simplistic, yet expensive case is not equipped with a screen protector. if you can afford this case, you shouldn’t have any issues purchasing a screen protector.

With an Outterbox case priced at only $50, you dare to be different.