LeBron James is following a steady financial path. Between his regular basketball games, his Nike sneakers, and investments, King James may be a billionaire one day. But despite his wealth, LeBron is still very frugal.

His good pal Dwayne Wade revealed that he refuses to accept data roaming charges on his cell phone when he’s on vacation, even though the price of the vacation is probably 10 times more than the data roaming fees. His wife, Gabrielle Union, confirmed that LeBron is indeed cheap AF during an interview on Live With Kelly. If there’s no Wi-Fi he does not mess with the data roaming,” Union said. Wade added, “This is no joke. He’s like, ‘I will send this text before I leave the boat because there ain’t gonna be no Wi-Fi probably.”

LeBron has no shame in his game because he admitted himself that he’s cheap during a sit down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. He revealed that he does refuse to pay for data roaming charges, as well as premium packages for apps. “That is false…ly true,” LeBron said. “No, I’m not doing that. I’m not turning on data roaming. I’m not buying no apps. I still got Pandora with commercials.”

Enough basketball players have gone broke for LeBron to keep a keen eye on his finances. I feel you, Fam. Continue practice after that commercial finishes.