Joey Bada$$ is urging all Black NFL players not to show up for work since the league is trying to strip them of their freedom of speech.

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Team owners and even the President of the United States is putting forth their best effort to silence players using their platforms to speak on the injustices of the country. The “Temptation” rapper has a solution:


The Brooklyn emcee acknowledges that this is easier said than done, however, it’s not impossible. He notes that each player makes enough money to take at least a year hiatus and launch their own league. Joey isn’t the only one thinking along the lines of Blacks having their own.

Diddy recently took to Twitter that he once had a dream to own an NFL team, but now the mogul is gunning for the whole league. Although the league isn’t on sale, it’ll be nice if players peacefully protesting against the things that affect them and their loved ones wasn’t the country’s focus. Here are a few good things to worry more about: Puerto Ricans drinking contaminated water, wildfires in California killing dozens, or the deadly bomb attack in Somalia, just to name a few.