“I Need You” is an exciting fusion of hip hop and reggaeton, with a hypnotic drop that makes you want to play the song over and over again. This single has already claimed up the charts on Spotify and found a home on playlists with millions of followers such as “Beast Mode”, “Latin Dance Cardio” and “Slay The Weights”

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Drei Ros partnering up with Marvelus Fame, originally from New York, best known for his hit singles, “Cues Es Tu Snapchat” & “Dime”, and young and talented Bel to deliver this great body of work titled “I Need You”

Director Henry Lipatov captured the amazing vision and feeling of the song, with breathtaking views and intoxicating shots that will make any viewer lose themselves in the visuals.


You can watch the video for “I Need You” with the link below.

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