Tyrese has been making headlines recently because of his ongoing feud with Dwayne Johnson over the Fast & Furious spin-off. The singer-turned-actor took to Instagram to announce that he’s tapping into his Hip Hop alter ego, Black Ty, to release a forthcoming rap album. Before you judge, hear us out.

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Tyrese says his double album Identity theft will change Hip Hop. In addition, the singer says the album is “Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and Sonically Dre’s Ears”. That’s a very high bar to set for someone is known for singing and acting, not rapping. He acknowledged that many fans will try to box him in a particular category due to his resume, but he promises that this project is “far from play play”.


The “Signs of Love Making Singer” previewed a ghost writer reference track, presumably of a song named “I Do This For The Culture” featuring Future. He didn’t mention a tentative release date, but he will be giving the people at Roc Nation an early listen. What do you think about the project so far from the preview below?