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23 years ago today rapper Brad “Scarface” Jordan dropped his third studio album The Diary. The album was released on October 18th, 1994 by Rap-A-Lot Records. With singles like “Hand of the Dead Body” released on September 27, 1994 and “I Seen A Man Die” on November 1, 1994 The Diary was certified platinum by the RIAA in December 5th 1994.

This album was a lot different from his first two releases, Mr. Scarface Is Back and The world Is Yours. On The Diary Producers N.O., Joe, Mike Dean, Uncle Eddie and Scarface himself chose a different route when it came to sounds. They were influenced by live instruments, southern blues, and the relaxed pace of that California G-Funk. This became a Rap-A-Lot trademark.


“Hand of the Dead Body” raised compelling questions towards the insincere motives of media critics and allowed Scarface to deflate the stereotype on “gangsta rap” as endangering communities. However his most powerfully- rendered, thought provoking single off that album was “I Seen a man die.” Scarface plays the role of a griot, and then becomes death himself as he guides a man passing from this world. He ends the hook with ‘I never understood why I never saw a man cry until I saw a man die.’

The Diary expressed Scarface’s dire confusion and incomparable power in this world; looks like much has not changed. It’s safe to say that most of us if not all are currently feeling confused and powerless in the world. So today on October 18, 2017 why not pop in Scarface’s The Diary for old times’ sake and just cool out.

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