Tupac Shakur was ahead of his time. Aside from being a controversial rapper who is forever embedded in our hearts, he was also a revolutionist. Long before Colin Kaepernick began his kneeling protest last year, Tupac was in talks of launching a sports league for both boys and girls with the intentions to reunite the communities.

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He planned to have all the rappers and community members involved in the building of this organization, according to a conversation he had with Monster Kody. Pac was fresh out of Rikers Island, meanwhile Monster just got out of Pelican Bay and the two pals were catching up. Monster’s wife “accidentally” recorded their phone conversation where Tupac discussed his plans to partner with Al Sharpton to gain police cooperation for this organization, in addition to gang cooperation.

We start like this youth league right … Football, basketball, softball, for boys and girls. Ima get all the rappers to adopt a team. Every rapper have their team … The rappers are the ones that put the money up … The Church come out and sell food. We have the fathers and the uncles, and all the men of the community, they do security. Get their respect back for the kids … Get that community spirit going again. Then on the weekends we have block parties. Every rapper got to get up … If you have a record out you have to come out and do a free show and it’s like a tour. We do that and we get all the communities back together.

Its unfortunate that Tupac couldn’t live to see his dreams come into fruition. Recently, Diddy and Master P all expressed the similar desires to start their own league in light of recent events. But do you think it will actually happen?


Listen to the phone conversation in its entirety above. Tupac talks about his plans of a sports league at the 4:46 mark.