Jayson Lyric releases his sophomore album Billy Goat keeping the tradition of his Friday the 13th releases in true “Jayson” form. Billy Goat consists of eleven tracks with one particular track titled “Mural by Banksy” being hidden inside the album’s outro in representation of the infamous yet anonymous English artist Banksy who is a thief of the night making masterpieces and pulling artistic stunts while everyone is sleep — sheltering behind a concealed identity and never wishing to be unmasked.

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Lyric spearheaded the project with the first single ‘Vibes’, in which has caught traction on the radio airwaves with it’s summertime feels and such a mood setting tone creating much anticipation for the album’s release. The Billy Goat album overall is refreshing in the sense that it provides so much soul through it’s use of various instruments tied to Lyric’s church going background, in addition to the popular use of bass and 808’s used in Hip Hop culture today giving it a versatile yet timeless sound that could transcend the past and the future of music.

Uniquely enough, Billy Goat was completed with the use of producers and artists alike, who are all from Jayson’s hometown, Dallas, TX. Dallas based producers DangerousMCs and former MMG producer Oktober 1st took on a major role in creating the sound for the Billy Goat album, in addition to Gumbo the producer who is assisting in the production of Eric Bellinger’s upcoming project.


Consistent releases that stray away from trend but sticks to the sequence of quality is surely making Jayson Lyric a fan favorite. Stream the Billy Goat album here.