On a consistent run of new releases, Kevin Gates and the BWA team have released another video from his latest compilation, By Any Means 2 for the song “Had To.”

In a little over three minutes, director Lyle Lindgren was able to capture a very unique perspective as the entire video was shot from a first person view from Kevin Gates’ himself, and as viewers of the video we saw everything he saw first hand, exactly how he saw it through his eyes.

Had To” takes us back to 2008 when a budding Kevin Gates still resided in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which he was still hustling to make ends meet while still managing to push hard copies of his music in hopes of being more than just a hustler on the block. The video shows a predicament that results in Kevin being shot, and obviously surviving as the video fast forwards to 2011.

Still writing, still hustling, still evolving, the video moves on to 2014 where Dreka makes her appearance and Kevin gets the infamous pistol tattoos that we see on his hands today. In a separate scene it shows Kevin Gates about to be detained while symbolizing this particular time in his life influenced his conversion to Islam.

You can watch the full video above.