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Words by Jiggy Jones

Welcome to the league young fella.

The pressure of playing his first professional basketball game is in the past. The season is 82 games long and the expectations for a young, but promising Lakers core, is to constantly improve each game. Lonzo Ball shot 1-6 from the field with 9 rebounds, 4 assists and committed two turnovers, to finish with only 3 points. One turnover blatantly showed the 2nd overall pick, what NBA defense is all about. Los Angeles Clippers guard, Patrick Beverly, stopped the rookie dead in his tracks as he tried to make a crossover. Beverly stole the ball to score an uncontested two points on the other end. Beverly is an NBA All-Defense First Team guard and is notorious for his tenacious defense against opposing point guards.


Lonzo’s father, Lavar Ball, who has turned into a public figure due to his outspoken nature, briefly joined ESPN’s, Stephen A. Smith and Neil Everret, for a post-game recap.

“It was a great opening night,” exclaimed Ball.

The Ball family patriarch, wants his son to be motivated at all cost.

Lose a couple of games, Lonzo’s a bust, then he comes back and wins MVP.

Lavar Ball will continue to praise his son no matter what. Can anyone blame him? He’s doing what any parent should always do: encourage your child to achieve greatness when given each and every opportunity, especially when faced with adversity. Many may disagree with his approach, but it has gotten his son this far and he has no plans of stopping now.

The Big Baller Brand CEO, has the same NBA aspiration for the younger Ball siblings. His second son, LiAngelo Ball, began his freshman year at UCLA this fall and will be making his debut for the Bruins basketball team in November. Ball made headlines last month when he removed his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, from high school, stating that he would train him personally after continuous controversy with Chino Hills basketball program. LaMelo is 16 years of age