Snoop Dogg was not impressed with Lonzo Ball’s performance during his NBA debut, and thinks his father Lavar Ball set the bar too high for the rookie. “I think his father put him in the lion’s den with some pork-chop drawers on,” Snoop said.

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The West Coast rapper stopped by Kevin Garnett’s Area 21 post-game show and kept it all the way one hunnid. “The West is packed with point guards. Get used to it. Put your game face on and come ready to play, instead of getting ready to play”. However, Snoop does think Ball has potential and so does Garnett. “His dad signed a check that he’s gonna have to cash,” Garnett said. “I like this kid,” he continued, “He can either fall back on us and not care and play cool, or he can care and do something about it”.

From the looks of the clip above, neither Snoop or Garnett are ready to throw in the towel on the young NBA player, but he got some decisions to make or else cats like Patrick Beverly will continue to welcome him into the league. On the other hand, the Ball Family’s patriarch thinks that it was a “great opening game“. He wants one of his prized possessions to be motivated at all costs. “Lose a couple of games, Lonzo’s a bust, then he comes back and wins MVP.”


What did you guys think of last night’s game? Here’s a brief reminder of how it wen.