Words by Ime Ekpo

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Off the pace of the sexual assault and harassment charges angled against Harvey Weinstein, who was viewed as one of the most powerful movie producers in Hollywood, more women are coming forward, and the latest to do so is Jill Scott.

The class act of a songbird took to Twitter on Friday morning to tell her experience with Weinstein. Scott met Weinstein when she was pregnant and the producer made a savage remark amidst the meeting, ridiculing her pregnancy.


When I met Harvey Weinstein, he was RUDE. In the NASTIEST tone he said, “Who told you to get pregnant?!” And rolled his eyes in disgust.

Ever since her encounter with the now accused sexual predator, Scott has made it her duty to stay away from him. While she did not experience a direct sexual assault, Weinstein’s comment was a suggestion that if she was not pregnant, he would have made an attempt to inquire about a possible sexual encounter. “I stayed away from him after. Who acts that way towards a pregnant woman??” she recalled. “Power to all the women bullied by assholes. Power in general.”

On Thursday, actress Lupita Nyong’o penned an op-ed for the New York Times detailing her experience with Weinstein which involved a massage in the company of his young children and threats towards her then potential acting career. There is a possibility Nyong’o’s groundbreaking op-ed is inspiring black women in Hollywood, who have had such a defamatory experience with Harvey Weinstein to speak out, which is certainly seen in the case of Jill Scott.