If you thought the Kardashians were winning before, the winning streak is far from an end. E!‘s first family re-signed with the network for $150 million.

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TMZ reports that the Kardashian clan re-signed for five more seasons of their long-running reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If you want to talk numbers, this means that they’ll earn about $30 million per cycle (season) until 2019.  This is a notch up from their last deal in 2015 where they got $20 mil a cycle for 5 cycles, which is a grand total of $100 million.

The package is reportedly structured in a way to allow the family to split the money among themselves the way they see fit, after Kris Jenner gets her 10% manager fee. Kris is actually doing her family a favor by only taking 10% because managers usually take 15%. Additionally, she’s responsible for negotiating the deal that is 50% better than the last one. So Mama Jenner will pocket $15 million and leave her children with $135 million to share.