Words by Jasmine Johnson

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Lil’ B’s schedule performance at the 2017 Rolling Loud Music Festival in the Bay Area wasn’t expected for him. He didn’t perform but went on stage and stated that he got jumped by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and his crew before his set time. “A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back and beat me up in the back. That shit crazy, man,” Lil B announced to the crowd. “But I’m gon’ tell y’all like this. It’s all love. I don’t promote violence. I’m never with the violence. So I love them and it’s all good.”

He gave his reasons why he got beat up and it was because he stated, “I said something about Boogie’s music and they all got mad and they jumped me about that. So, it’s all good. I’m still here. I got jumped by like 10 people. You know what I’m saying? Me, by myself. It’s all love though.”


He states that his equipment got stolen and that’s why he couldn’t perform. The video has surfaced of the alleged attack. This is the second time that Lil’ B has gotten jumped because of his opinions. Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q and much more artists spoke out about their opinions about the incident.

Later on, both of the rappers squashed their beef after a phone call took place. One of Lil’ B’s friends helped setup the call to put an end to the problems. Boogie responds to Lil’ B’s tweet with: “S.o the west coast for the communication,” he writes. “Not too many people got it in them to forgive that easy, as a man I gotta respect that.”