Words by Ime Ekpo

Yesterday, (October 23rd), the hip-hop twitter community burst into the forefront, when podcast pioneer, Reggie Osse best known as Combat Jack delivered a harsh set of news. In the most recent episode of his notable podcast, The Combat Jack Show, featuring Redman and Just Blaze, to which he was not present, the podcast king announced that he has been diagnosed with colon cancer. According to Jack, he was diagnosed with the illness a couple of weeks ago, and will now start chemotherapy.

“Out of 7 years, this was the only show that I never showed up to record. And the reason why is because I got hit with some real life shit. A couple of weeks ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was rushed to the hospital and had some pretty severe surgery. I’m on the mend right now, and I’m about to jump on this journey to health with chemo.”

Combat Jack advised his audience to take care of their health and ensured listeners, “Ya boy ain’t going nowhere though.”  For the sake of raising the bar and bringing awareness to the subject of cancer, he encouraged the masses to start using the hashtag, #CombatCancer. Social media went ablaze with prayers and wishes for his recovery from fans, associates, and close ones. Podcast general A King and class act DJ/producer Just Blaze took over The Return of Redman Combat Jack episode keeping Osse’s persona at large.

Listen to Combat Jack’s announcement from The Return of Redman episode, below.

Combat Jack served is a former Managing Editor for The Source and TheSource.com. We wish him all the best in this journey.