Many would deem Nicki Minaj Hip-Hop’s dopest female MC, while others unfortunately attribute her success and accolades to things other than pure talent and hard work.

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On Wednesday night (October 25), the Queens bred artist took to Twitter to vent about sexism in the industry and shared her feelings on the respect she thinks she’s lacking.


The chart topping, record breaking artist went on to reference some of Hip Hop’s greatest male MCs and the respect those who’ve collaborated with them have earned, in comparison to the talks surrounding her own collaboration with “the greats”.

She even retweeted a 7 year old tweet of Kendrick Lamar‘s to support her case.

Though most wouldn’t believe that someone who has obtained so much success and receives world-wide recognition would feel she doesn’t get the respect she deserves, it’s refreshing to see her take a page from Kanye West‘s book by speaking up and demanding more.