Words by Megan Ambers

For Cardi B this week just keeps getting more and more interesting. Earlier this week, the Bronx rapper was reportedly kicked out of a hotel in Albany, NY for allegedly disturbing the peace. But before the week could come to a full close, Cardi B’s past may be catching up with her. She is reportedly getting sued for a cover of one of her old mixtapes.

Cardi B’s Gangsta B**** Vol. 1 mixtape’s cover is now in the center of a lawsuit, according to TMZ. The cover shows the rapper in a very compromising position with a man who is apparently performing oral sex on her. However, the model on the art work of the mixtape, claims that he has never met Cardi B a day in his life.

Kevin Brophy, the alleged man on the cover, says that he does recognize himself for being on the cover due to his very distinctive back tattoo. But he claims that he never posed for the picture, nor did he sign off on his photo being used by Cardi B. Brophy states that he never knew that he was on the cover of her mixtape, until a friend approached him and told him “..how crazy it is that [Brophy] was giving head to Cardi B on the cover.” According to court documents, the model says that the tattoo which features a tiger battling a snake is a one that he has had for over 10 years. The documents also mentions that Brophy’s underage son has since been very curious about who Cardi B is, and what his father is doing in the artwork. The model is suing Cardi and her managers for $5 Million dollars.

Cardi B has yet to comment on the lawsuit.