Fresh off of the releases of his project IWasVeryBadIDK visited Hot 97 tofreestyle during Funk Master Flex’s show.

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The Maryland rapper flowed over The Notorious B.I.G. cut “Who Shot Ya?,” rapping: “I’ve waited a long, long time just to say this/This a long shot, but I’m aiming at your A-list/But I’m more like the D-list, C-list, fuck it, G-list/But that don’t stop your A-student daughter from wanting penis/She see my name, she give me brain, she such a genius/A pro when she play with them balls, I call her Venus.”

Later in the freestyle IDK sent a warning shot to everyone in the game. “That’s the flow that convinced Frank Ocean to get a Twitter/My next album is coming, this whole industry slummin’/You put that album on the shelf, you get a fine for litter/This is a warning for you to step your shit up,” he spit.


Check out the freestyle below.