Rapstress and TV personality Brittney Taylor is on the move with several new projects rolling out. Right now she is said to be working on a mixtape called Jack Rabbit 2 and will release her first EP titled Project Queen which zeroes in on the artist telling the world her story. When commenting on her ideal working environment, she said, “For me, when I’m vibing and writing. I love to be in the studio. Me, the producer, a candle, and whatever is inspiring me at the moment to get in the groove.”

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Brittney Taylor puts it all in when she sets out to accomplish something, particularly when it comes to tapping into creativity, as well as performing. She writes and produces her records and is getting out there singing and rapping at one hundred percent as well as getting interactive with the crowd. Brittney points to her mother’s hardships as lessons learned, showing her first hand the allure can put blinders on reality, really having to be assertive as a goal setter and likewise driven to attain them.

She is slated to appear in season eight of Love & Hip Hop and has been open regarding the storyline circulating Bri’s return to NYC. She responded by saying, “I wanted to get back on the scene, particularly with music stuff, but sometimes the place where you are from resurfaces and with that comes enemies and haters.” She says she prefers to focus on betterment and enjoys being able to influence the youth for doing good with a positive message.