Words by Ime Ekpo

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On Friday, Janet Jackson and her brother Randy Jackson paid a visit to their childhood home in Gary, Indiana at 2300 Jackson St. The landmark of a home became well-acclaimed all over the globe when the mega-talented family dropped the song titled2300 Jackson St in 1989.

Janet and Randy spent time at the home one day after Janet’s performance in Rosemont, Illinois for her State of The World Tour. The siblings went to the neighborhood high school, Roosevelt High, to give a pep-talk to students, encouraging them to focus on their dreams and be active in pursuing them. Jackson siblings Jackie and Rebbie both attended Roosevelt High School.


The home visit filled Janet with excitement, memories and touches of sensitivity.

“When I saw the house…I just started crying. Me and my family are so blessed. I’m so thankful,” said the Rhythm Nation singer. “We wanted to come here and visit Roosevelt,” Randy added.

The Roosevelt High School Q&A was filled with questions about ways to succeed in the music industry, Janet’s favorite album of hers and a flashback to her days performing with her famous brothers.

“I miss those times when I was with my brothers and sisters and we would all be performing together,” Janet reflected via NWI Times.

When asked about her favorite Janet Jackson album, the iconic singer chose her 1989 game-changer, Rhythm Nation. “When I was writing it, the things (that were happening then) are still happening,” says Janet while also expounding on the presence of “drugs, ignorance, racism” via NWI Times.

When it came to the topic of following dreams, Janet advised students to “Stay focused and keep your dream”, while Randy added, “Be the best you can be, work hard and keep God in it.”