Words by Jasmine Johnson

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This day 17 years ago, Outkast released the classic album Stankonia.  Like Aquemini (the duo’s equally brilliant offering), this joint fused different styles and took Atlanta hip-hop to higher heights. Considered on of the best hip-hop albums of all time, this medley of funk, gospel, rock and hip-hop became the stamp of what the dirty south really is about.

Andre 3000 exploded vocally cementing himself as an emcee on this record and as lyricist showed the world he is not to be slept on. At the same time, Big Boi honed in on his producing craft, creating the musical backdrop to the album that audibly as one of the best of its time. The album was so relevant because it pushed the envelope and addressed  subjects like parenthood, politics and American culture. Few can deny the impact of Stankonia on the Hip-Hop psyche. It definitely was a nod to a more grown up palette of those who love the genre.


The album had three top singles that include: “Ms. Jackson”, “B.O.B.”, “So Fresh, So Clean.”

The internationally chart topping hit “Ms Jackson” clearly resonated with fans all over. A ode to R&B songstress, Erykah Badu and her mother, it was originally a personal acoustic ditty that Andre created therapeutically for himself. Thank goodness he decided to convert it into rap form because it has become the soundtrack for many babydaddies and ex-boyfriends alike.

Released today is the 17th anniversary celebration celebration from this dynamic duo. And it is still, so fresh and so clean.

Little known fact: The album name had come from where Andre created the word as a combination of “stank,” a slang word, for “funky” and “Plutonia.” Andre 3k wants it to be known where you can express anything freely!