Words By Jiggy Jones

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The Memphis rapper, Yo Gotti released his new album, “I Still Am” on October 27th, with the top 10 Hot 100 hit, ‘Rake It Up’ featuring Nicki Minaj. On one particular song off of the album, he mentions his fondness of Angela Simmons. Many can recall Gotti’s first claim to jonesing for Simmons on his 2015 hit, ‘Down in the DM’. Direct messaging on social media has become a renowned part of the many networks, especially when it comes to showing your interest in someone.

“And I just follow Angela (Simmons),” raps the 36-year-old. “Boy, I got a crush on Angela (Simmons).”


Yo Gotti was not shy at all about expressing himself in 2015 and has been consistent with this bold energy in his new song, “Save it for me” featuring, Chris Brown.

“Passed my number to Angela, I thought I had her,” says Gotti. “Her n***a cuffed her, married, it made me madder. I respect it, I’m moving on, but the truth is I want her badder.”

As far as Simmons’ relationship status, it remains uncertain. The mother of one, emphasized self-love, and denounced putting on fake smiles to hide insecurities, on Instagram this past July. Many assumed she was referring to her then fiancé.



According to the post, the former Pastry sneaker owner is single. It seems like the perfect opportunity for Yo Gotti to shoot his shot. He has attempted to get Simmons’ attention twice. Let’s see Gotti’s next approach. Will it finally work? There’s only one way, to wait and find out.