At his latest installation, “The Walled Off Hotel”, Banksy recently held a special tea event. Dubbed the “Balfour ‘Apology Party’,” the shrouded in secrecy artist is acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the infamous Balfour Decelration.

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Today in November 1917, British statesman Sir Arthur James Balfour signed a document allowing the land of Palestine to be designated to the Zionist Federation, essentially approving the creation of a Jewish state. Promising a land that was not his in the first place, Balfour disregarded the political state of the area at the time establishing a national home for the Jewish people in Palenstine.

An actor dressed as Queen Elizabeth II hosted children at the event, unveiling a new work by Bansky inscribed into Israel’s controversial West Ban barrier. The tongue in cheek text etched into the wall read “Er… Sorry”. An all out British tea party was thrown; bullet-riddled helmets with British flags on them and Union Jacks were ubiquitous. Overall, Banksy’s latest event was rife with satire and an almost antagonistic energy.