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Exclusively for Halloween, Travis Scott has collaborated with the legendary horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for a limited edition merchandises.

The merchandises were first unveiled at Travis’ October 28th Halloween show with Virgil Abloh in New York. The collection consists of 10 pieces- including six graphic Tees, two hoodies, a hat and a custom-molded silicone mask of Travis’ face with the same style of stitches as Leatherface from the film. The graphic tees and hoodies feature images of the original movie posters of the film with taglines such as, “BY FAR THE MOST HORRIFYING FILM EVER MADE!”


The Collaboration comes after the news of the rapper being sued by 23-year-old Kyle Green, who was left paralyzed after attending his April 30th show in NYC. Green is not only suing the rapper, but also the venue operator Bowery Presents over the injuries he said he suffered after being pushed off of a balcony by a surging crowd. Green said that people in attendance started to jump from the balcony into the crowd, and was allegedly egged on by Travis. The lawsuit, also names the security company Strike Force Protective Services as defendants in the lawsuit, claiming the venue and security guards should of known that Travis “has incited mayhem and chaos at prior events.”

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre merchandises are only available for 24 hours.

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