“She Get Its From Her Mama”- Juvenile

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While Juvenile might have been talking about Shaniqua’s MILF-like booty, studies show that moms give more to their daughters than rump-shakers. In fact, research supports something that many of us have always known— a kid’s intelligence comes expressly from their mother.  According to Psychology Spot scientists like Robert Lehrke, author of Sex Linkage of Intelligence: The X Factor (Human Evolution, Behavior and Intelligence), reveals that most of a child’s intelligence depends on the X chromosome and since women have two X chromosomes, there is a double the chance for the smart gene to be passed on from Ma Dukes.

Now before all you ladies collectively pop your collar or start with the “I told you so’s”, recognize that there are factors other than genetics that come in to play when determining a child’s intelligence. Nurture and influence from an early age is needed to develop those genetic traits. And in a patriarchal culture that focuses on women being the primary care-givers of our children…


…well nah… maybe you can all pop your collar and spit those “told you so’s”.

All jokes aside, it is estimated that between 40-60% of intelligence is hereditary. Environment, stimulation, personal characteristics, where you are educated and how you are educated play a major role in determining how smart you are. This is proof positive that culture defines how we see each other.

So sistahs… next time a guy dismisses you with that “what does she know, she’s just a girl” hit them with the classic “Yo’ Mama”, keep it pushing and know that was not a diss. After all his mama probably knows a lot.