Prodigy’s estate partnered with The Source Magazine to put together a documentary in honor of the infamous rapper’s birthday.

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His wife, children, and friends all shared their sweetest moments with P and it was moving. One of the most notable stories was from Prodigy’s son, Shaka, who revealed that his dad got him his first tattoo at the age of seven years old. “He asked me what I wanted and I was looking at all his tattoos and said ‘I want a tattoo'”. He continued, “He came in and asked if I was ready for my tattoo and I went in and got a lil P on my arm”.

Shaka’s mother was pretty upset about his birthday gift, but Shaka was happy and this is a memory that he will keep in his heart forever.


Check out the full video above where Prodigy’s loved ones share their fondest memories with him. #RIP