Words by Corey Copeland

A$AP Rocky will live a long time if he continues to spread love the A$AP way. While he continues charting the unique mob sound across the globe, he paused for a moment to promote peace and unity during a recent show.

We all know when Rocky is in town they always bring the sounds that make you move as you get crazy, or “brazy.” Regardless of your preference everybody can enjoy a good A$AP tune.
If you ever get the chance to experience the vibe at a Rocky concert, you should know that he wants everyone to have a good time and enjoy the vibe collectively.

Two concert goers must’ve gotten too crazy as they began brawling while Rocky took the stage. As the rest of the audience watched Flacko on stage, he mindfully spotted the scuffle in the crowd before pausing the show to personally end the fight.

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Rocky is known let anyone have the hands when absolutely necessary, in contrast, he played the role of mediator and big brother as he invited them to the stage. Starting a conversation by asking their names and ages: Anthony, 17, fought with Vic, 21. As the show paused Rocky continued the dialogue. “Iight, first of all, he’s seventeen so you not supposed to be fighting him anyways,” Rocky said to Vic. The crowd filled with “ohh’s” as they realized the unleveled magnitude of the scuffle which led Rocky to quiet the crowd. Before alluding to his own fearless hand skills.

Standing on stage, in a heartfelt tone, he said the foundation for an “everybody love everybody” atmosphere. He looked at both members and dapped them up and said, “I love you,” before making them hug it out. Rather than cause any extra trouble he allowed the two fans to stay on stage as he finished the true family affair show.

Check out the incident below:

@asaprocky brought two guys who were fighting on stage and got them to give each other respect ? via @zachfrenchphotography

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