Donald Trump loves Steph Curry.

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That has to be the case… or at least a schoolgirl crush. Because every time you turn around, the Golden State MVP is placed smack dab in the middle of Trump’s political madness. Dust has not even settled from the presidential temper tantrum thrown last month and here he goes again.

Last month, Curry decided he would not accept an invitation to go to the White House should one be extended by the The Commanding Orange In Chief. This was the start of a whole heap of tweets back and forth between NBA players (cause his ball-playing friends jumped in) and the GOP heavy hitters. Somehow Curry’s name, according to the administration, was directly linked to all the others who are said to not be patriotic.


But what can be more patriotic than taxes?

Exactly. And guess who the GOP and the Trump administration included in their new tax plan? Yup. You guessed it: Stephen Curry.

In the new Republican tax overhaul the GOP introduced on Thursday, Curry’s name appeared in documents lawmakers who will vote “yay” or “nay”. Upon further review of this plan, we find Chef Curry mentioned. He is juxtaposed to a small business owner, Steve’s Bike Shop and comparing their wages. Real funny style, right? Curry is the only real human to be named in the entire bill’s materials.

Petty? Well you know, 45. Check out how Curry responded. Lucky Riley didn’t get at them.