Dr. Dre does have children but one of them is not “Lou G.” aka @jetpacknyc on Instagram. The billionaire beat maker and entrepreneur shared a screenshot of the verified Instagram user’s page, denouncing any ties to the individual who’s profile bio states “Son of Dr. Dre”

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“This person is claiming to be the son of Dr. Dre,” Dre explained. “He is not. He is a complete fake. There is no relation.”

Subsequent to Dre’s post the page has switched up and now the once verified and popular @jetpacknyc with half a million followers, is an instagram user with a following of only 3,300 people.


In other Dr. Dre related news, a short film produced by Beats, documenting electronic artist DJ Snake’s performance on Paris’ iconic Arc de Triomphe has released. Dre’s “Above the Noise” campaign highlights incredible moments in music.

DJ Snake was the first artist ever to perform on the roof of the storied French landmark on Sept. 6th. Talking about the film, DJ Snake states, “Playing the roof of the Arc de Triomphe was a moment I wanted to keep forever so when Beats asked me if they could make a short film about that night, and my journey to that point… it was easy to say yes.”

Watch here and let us know your comments on Dr. Dre’s unofficial but verified son.


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