Lil Kim is fresh off the release of her latest single “Took Us a Break”, which proves that she hasn’t lost her touch not one bit. There was a rumored Nicki Minaj diss track that she put together with Remy Ma, but we’ll take this instead.

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The Queen Bee stopped by Hot 97’s E-Bro in the Morning to discuss the unity among female rappers. “You don’t come into the game disrespecting your idols,” this was a clear reference to her beef with The Pinkprint rapper.

Kim further discusses the beef saying that sometimes people just need to take accountability and apologize for their actions.


It’s hard when people can’t give you that respect, when people can’t mutually say ‘I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, I made a mistake, If I did this I apologize because that wasn’t me.’

She was asked if she could ever forgive Nicki one day, but she kept it all the way a hunnid and said too much damage was done and they have nothing to discuss if it’s not about a check.

Check out the interview in its entirety above, and her new joint below.