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Words By Ime Ekpo

Hold your edges, Kimmy Blanco is about to snatch em…

The wait is over. While many are saying “the queen is back”, the reality is, the queen never left. Showcasing her ability to combine her iconic 90s hardcore lyrics with the new school hip-hop sound, Lil’ Kim proves she can fit with the times in her new video, “Took Us A Break”.


Listeners will automatically notice the deep-toned chorus banded with auto-tune in a rather, strategic manner. Lil’ Kim has already created timeless tunes, “Crush on You”, “How Many Licks”, “The Jump Off”, to name a few, and is very adamant about the importance of evolving as an artist. Her signature electric and seamless flow is represented throughout the verses deeming her tactic as effective. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Kim confirms her coming with the new generation, “As long as you’re a really, really serious artist and you’re a talented artist, you’re always going to find a new wave.”

At this point in her career, it would be completely out of bound if Lil’ Kim ignored her legendary status. With bars such as, “I was raised in the school of hard knocks, these b*tches is class clowns, giving y’all my old clothes, my old flows like handy downs,” the Brooklyn MC recalls the validity of her classic hardcore style and groundbreaking influence.

“Took Us A Break” is just a mini taste of what the Queen Bee has in store. Highly anticipated by her fans, a new album is reportedly in the works with a verified feature with Remy Ma and a possible feature with Cardi B. This Lil’ Kim comeback is bound to shake up the modern day presence of women in hip-hop, especially with her blossoming friendship with Remy Ma.

Peep Lil’ Kim’s new music video “Took Us A Break” by pressing play, above.