Words by Alexandra Salandy

The rumors and speculations continue to grow regarding well-known celebrity couple Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert. Recently, the couple announced their divorce, shocking many fans and close friends.

Tamar Braxton’s old co-hosts from The Real even sent their love and best wishes to Tamar, despite the fact that they all ended on bad terms. Mama Braxton, also known as Evelyn Braxton, caught up with TMZ and shared  news that has everyone at a loss of words.

Evelyn told TMZ that she has nothing to say to Vince except, “Keep his hands off of my child, stop before he hurts her or kills her.” She also told TMZ that she loves Vince but she does not want him to kill her child.


This report from Evelyn sparks many questions about a previous domestic report that the couple denied was true.

Back in August 2016, TMZ reported an incident that happened with the couple in Atlanta, GA. One of Tamar Braxton’s friends called the police from the Ritz-Carlton hotel saying there was a domestic dispute going on and Vince bit Tamar’s hand. However, at the time they both denied this ever happened.

Evelyn, like any mother would, has strong concerns and hopes Vince goes and gets help.

“I think that if a person really means what they’re doing. They’ll go get help or counseling, right? I think he needs to go and get counseling, I really and truly do before somebody gets killed.”

According to a source close to Vincent, he has no idea why his mother-in-law would say these things about him, adding that he loves Tamar and would never hurt her. The source also said that he is very upset over the comments, because this could negatively affect their 4-year-old son when he gets old enough to understand.

Herbert is still willing to fight for his marriage, despite the recent reports and what her family wants. In the process of fighting for his marriage, he plans on still being a good dad.