It seems as if Marvel only debuts films at #1. Marvel Studios’ seventeenth film, “Thor: Ragnarok,” opened on top of the box office this weekend.

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Disney’s main superhero studio has never had one of its films come up short of opening in the number one spot. Raking in an estimated $121 million in 4,080 theaters in North America this weekend, “Ragnarok” keeps the perfect streak alive. The film features Chris Hemsworth as Thor: God of Thunder and Cate Blanchett as the Goddess of Death, Hela.

One of the best-reviewed Marvel films in the brand’s almost decade long run, “Ragnarok” received a 93% score on the review site Rotten Tomatoes. The film is apparently well deserving of its $427 million global gross. Marvel Studios movies have now grossed over $5 billion domestically and $13 billion worldwide.


Check out the final trailer for “Thor Ragnarok” below and stay tuned for more news on record breaking box office achievements.