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Can’t you hear Brother Love (the guy formerly known as P. Diddy, who used to go by Puff Daddy but his momma named him Sean Combs) whisper over this track while sipping on a glass of Ciroc, while he is watching the premiere of yet another Bad Boy remix by Nick Cannon and his Wild-N-Out crew?

We sure can… and we also can hear him say “Take That! Take That” as the lyrical prowess of Cannon’s elite fire-spitters catch wreck over this classic track.


The original “Flava In Ya Ear” remix by Craig Mack featuring The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Rampage opened to Brother Love (that don’t feel right yet) clicking two bottles interpolating the classic Warrior battle cry from the 1979 New York gang flick. The track changed the game for remixes, flooding the era with posse joints with heavy samples and intricate layering of emcees over emcees. Awwwhhhh the good ole days!

Cannon’s tribute, released during Puff Daddy’s (see just couldn’t do it) birthday weekend, did not fall flat. Enlisting rhyme-spitters from the Black Squad from his hit show, Wild-N-Out, he presented magic. It is not lost on us that these particular rappers were cropped from battle rap’s mecca, URLTv. Charlie Clips, Conceited and Hitman Holla prove to all naysayers that battle rappers can actually exist off the league and crossover to the commercial world… But Wild-N-Out does this… the show has a gang of promising rappers that entertain just as well. Maybe these three are the ones that Cannon as tapped to lead the charge. We are wondering if the new N-Credible venture is a mixtape for our listening pleasures.

This is not the first time Nick has paid tribute to Bad Boy. Check out the other remixes from the Wild-N-Out assassins!

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