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Apparently, even Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are tired of Tyrese using his Instagram account as a personal diary. It seems like every time the singer-turned-actor is having trouble, he hops on the social media platform to air out his beef with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his ex-wife Norma Gibson. The power couple donated $5 million to keep Tyrese “afloat” and for him to stay off the Internet.

The only problem is that he went on the Internet to make this announcement. So does this mean The Smiths get a refund? In a now deleted Instagram post Black Ty said his wife kept the news from him because he’s been “on with lawyers all day”. Or maybe it was so he can’t post about it like he already did. However, he claims that he would hold up his end of the bargain now that his lawyer fees are covered. Do we believe him?

From the desk of #Tyrese

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You already know once Black Twitter got word of what Tyrese did the dragging begun: