Words by Shanice Spear

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On November 3rd Steve Harvey surprised the ladies of the group Xscape on his show by announcing that November 6th will be the official ‘Xscape’ holiday in honor of the group’s success. Steve stated:

I’m bout to show you how powerful you really are. This Monday, you all don’t know this but the city of Atlanta is proclaiming Xscape’s official holiday. November 6th is going to be named Xscape’s official holiday in the city of Atlanta.

After parting ways for 18 years the group decided to reunite. They made their first public appearance on the 2017 BET Awards show in June. Fans will be able to watch how everything went down and how everything unfolded on their new Bravo docu-series, titled Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, which premiered last night on November 5th. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle told US Weekly that the group was hesitant to do a television show at first, but eventually decided to go through with it to give fans an inside look at their long- awaited reunion.


The series is definitely going to be action- packed. You see four friends, longtime friends, family, come back and reunite. Go through our problems, our issues, and still try to maintain a healthy relationship as friends, you’ll see all of that.

Preparation for their upcoming tour The Great Xscape, has brought a lot of trials and tribulations. Although very excited and eager to perform as a group, Tiny says tour preparations aren’t going so well.

Rehearsals are really scarce. We’ve been having problem after problem, wether it’s looking for a band or getting the show list set together it’s a lot going on and it’s pretty stressful for us right now.

Hopefully the ladies can get it together before their tour kicks off on November 22nd. Congratulations again for receiving their own official Xscape Holiday.