Chuck D once said that “Hip-Hop was the CNN of the streets”.

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If that is the case, Chance the Rapper is one of its best pundit by far. Far more than an emcee, Chance has put his money where his mouth is and put his mouth where the politics lives.

Earlier today, Chance appeared in a Chicago city council meeting to address funding and its importance to the public school system. This past spring, the rapper donated $1,000,000 of his own money to the city’s schools to offset some deficits in the municipal budget. In attendance were several high ranking politicians, including the mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Before Chance had an opportunity to make his petition, Emanuel left. Many believe his premature exit was because he didn’t want to face the holy-ghost flame throwing that the Christian rapper was prepared to toss.


Chance has been vocal on the public having say in the re-allocation and investment of city funds. His mission today was to oppose the $95,000,000 investment into a new police academy instead of funding the educational needs of Windy City’s youth.

His most scathing remarks were directed at Alderman Emma Mitts, from the 37th ward:

“What is y’all doin’? It doesn’t make sense. I’m very confused. But like I said, you guys have a lot of power, and that’s why I showed up at 8 a.m., because I feel like it’s — maybe if you guys just hear me say it. I’ll take pictures with everybody afterward if you want me to.”

While no one disputes the mayor and the alderman’s claim that this investment in a new academy would be a first step to reform the scandal-plagued Police Department. The department has been plagued with controversy for decades and this effort is to attempt to fix some of the training inadequacies the U.S. Justice Department called out in a January report breaking down systemic constitutional violations by police against civilians.

Watch Chance call out the mayor, advocate for his community and articulately break down why these dollars most fund the education for children.

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