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Twitter drove its users crazy on Tuesday evening when the company finally rolled out the newest 280 character feature to all of its users. Previously a 140 character limit, the new feature was exclusively available to a sparse number of accounts in September for trial testing. The new addition to the app however, will not be available to users tweeting in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese due to the ease of conveying “double the amount of information in one character as you can in many other languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.”

Aliza Rosen, Twitter product manager, shared in a blog post,

“Our goal was to make this possible while ensuring we keep the speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter.”


She continued on stating that the new feature will help users express themselves in an easier way and also eliminate the frustration of editing or abandoning tweets due to the excessive length.

“Historically, 9% of Tweets in English hit the character limit. This reflects the challenge of fitting a thought into a Tweet, often resulting in lots of time spent editing and even at times abandoning Tweets before sending,” she says. “With the expanded character count, this problem was massively reduced – that number dropped to only 1% of Tweets running up against the limit”

Below are some hilarious reactions to the newest Twitter addition.