Words by Megan Ambers

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The “Mo Bounce” rapper Iggy Azalea keeps it trill with her fans as she flexes her twitter hands yesterday. Taking time out of her busy schedule to not only announce the title of her new album, but to squash any misconceptions concerning herself. After a fan asked the rapper if the impending album was still going to be titled, “Digital Distortion“, Iggy confirmed that the album title has been changed to “Surviving the summer.

Iggy then goes on a barrage of tweets , sharing that the album is completed and that’s all she is choosing to share about it. The rapper also confirmed that she will not be releasing any more music through her label until next year. She explained that the album, despite the title, is not a summer theme record. The 27 year-old Australian rapper continued the batch of tweets, referring to mixtape sites claiming to have copies of her album “4 my Ratz“. Apparently Iggy was trolling with a fan when the fan asked what to named the four tracks of hers, that was released this year. Azalea suggested to the fan to name the album, “For My Ratz”, along with a beautiful black and white headshot of herself as the album cover. A tweet that many websites took as a confirmation of an album and post it online. “I need some kind of trolling award, cause I just woke up and there are actual mixtape sites hosting ‘4 my Ratz’


Back in October, Azalea deaded rumors that she and NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr. were dating.

Stop trying to make me and Odell a thing. We weren’t dating back in May and we aren’t dating now. I can’t sit back and let you all drag my name in the mud talking about how I am someone’s f*ck friend, when I’ve done noooooooothingggggg but mind my business.

Back in May, rumors started to circulate that Beckham and Azalea were dating. Accusing the rapper for being the reason behind Beckham missing several practice dates. Beckham allegedly was spotted partying with Azalea, while his team was working out in New Jersey. Beckham has not confirmed nor denied any relations with Iggy.