Well, it seems that this sex scandal thing is going to knock on more than just mens’ doors.

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In a formal complaint from the head of a security firm for sultry songstress Mariah Carey about non-payment, a man alleged that the singer sexually harassed him and called him racial slurs.

Michael Anello, the president of Anello Security & Consulting, accuses Carey of not just “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Aiello..” as it alleges in his lawsuit acquired by the editor of TMZ.com, but it also states that Nick Cannon’s ex-wife owes Aiello’s firm almost $700K in back payments.


He claims that during a trip to Mexico, Carey asked him to remove luggage from her hotel suite, but when he came to the door she greeted him while wearing an open see-through negligee, insisting he remove the luggage despite his desire to leave the room.

He says they did not have physical contact during the alleged incident.

Anello also alleges the star humiliated him by calling him a Nazi and a white supremacist.

The lawsuit claims his company provided security for Carey from June 2015 to May 2017 and is owed $221,330 for completed work. It also states that Anello’s contract would be extended for another two years which would yield the firm another $511K.

Reps for Carey say that they are prepared to pay Aiello and his firm for back pay, but were totally unaware of the sexual harassment allegations.

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