Today, (Nov. 8th) marks six years since the untimely passing of undisputed hip-hop icon, Heavy D. Heavy overruled the late 80s with his group Heavy D & The Boyz with their smooth dance moves, clean cut flow and funky personas. Heavy D is instrumental in hip-hop’s ability to merge with spare genres in the likes of R&B and New Jack Swing due to his lovey dovey bombarded grooves and lover boy figure. His distinct reputation as a sensible self made sex symbol, is ranked in his timeless melodies which can not be duplicated. In honor of the late “Overweight Lover”, here is a list of 15 of his best joints.

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Heavy D & The Boyz “Is It Good To You”

Reigning from Heavy D & The Boyz third album, Peaceful Journey, comes the New Jack Swing tune “Is It Good To You” where Heavy D showcases his electric dances moves along the timeless Teddy Riley produced melody.



Heavy D & The Boyz “Black Coffee”

Hev makes it known that he likes his women like “black coffee, no sugar, no cream” in his 1994 finessed filled track, “Black Coffee.” The New Jack Swing MC and his boys deliver pure 90s depiction with a laid back vibe. Chris Tucker’s cameo representing jest and thirst is highly momentous.

Heavy D & The Boyz “Somebody for Me”

Lets take it back to the golden era! Honing himself as the “Overweight lover”, Heavy D harps on his search for the ideal relationship with a woman while Al B. Sure harmonizes along the aura, painting Heavy’s perfect picture.


Heavy D “Big Daddy”

If there was ever a time Waterbed Hev spat game, this is a prime example. Coming from his solo debut, Waterbed Hev, The legend showcases his grown and sexy in “Big Daddy,” expressing his habitual love for the ladies in the form of pure homage.


Heavy D & The Boyz “We Got Our Own Thang

In 1989, Heavy D & The Boyz became high instrumental to the Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing merge with “We Got Our Own Thang.” The groove fumes with the silky flow of Waterbed Hev while he and the boyz carry out the smoothest dance moves of the 80s and Heavy D proves that, big boys can move!


Heavy D & The Boyz “Got Me Waiting”

When it comes to a provocative Pete Rock produced track, “Got Me Waiting” is a prime example and it is safe to say, the lurid track is a “slept on” classic that is bound to trigger a gut feeling groove. Under the sampled influence of Luther Vandross “Don’t You Know That”, Hev gets smooth and fresh for his ached after lady.


Heavy D & The Boyz “The Overweight Lovers in the House”

This “Overweight Brother” did not have a problem with showing the masses that he was light on his feet! Thirty years later, this Marley Marl produced gem is the perfect portrayal of the golden era vibe.


Heavy D & The Boyz “Girls They Love Me”

Now, Heavy really does not mean to brag here. He really doesn’t. In this 1989 classic, dressed in slick with a sharp fade, Hev shows the many levels of love he receives from women, even the little ones.

Heavy D & The Boyz “More Bounce”

Heavy D turns into a lyrical assassin on this one and oozes a pure Mount Vernon vibe, the stomping ground of the Overweight lover. “Sit back relax, while Heavy D sticks to ya, a new type of tunein’, risin, boomin…”

Heavy D & The Boyz “You Can’t See What I See”

With the collaborative hands of Chad Elliot and Sean “Puffy” Combs, Heavy D expresses a more rough persona with use of his clean lyrical skills and bouncy flow. Plus, Public Enemy’s Flava Flav starts of the gem in signature form

Heavy D & The Boyz “Don’t You Know”

Here goes the Overweight Romeo, sweet talking again. Noted as the perfect song to dedicate to your significant other, Hev paints a lucid picture of his idea of a typical day with that special lady. The music video is one of Hev’s most pronounced, due to the presence of his close friend and dancer, Trouble T Roy, who died from a accidental fall in 1990.

Heavy D & The Boyz “Blue Funk”

This groove is one of Pete Rock’s greatest. Reigning off of Heavy D and the Boyz fourth album, Blue Funk, the power of Hev’s lyrical reach is showcased as large and it without a doubt an underrated Heavy gem.

Heavy D & The Boyz “Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon”

No one can deny Heavy D’s influence on putting Mount Vernon on the hip-hop map. Listeners will gain goosebumps from the funky James Brown sample combined with Heavy’s tribalistic vibe in honor of Mount Vernon.


Heavy D & The Boyz “Now That We Found Love” feat. Aaron Hall

This is a track shows Heavy D’s ability to craft a groove that can turn up the club. Expressing the art of freshness, Heavy D teams up with Guy’s Aaron Hall to tell a tale full of finesse.


Heavy D “Don’t Curse” feat. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, C.L. Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, and Pete Rock

This is perhaps one of Heavy D’s most legendary tracks. The Mount Vernon MC grabbed fellow lyrical masters Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, C.L. Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip and Pete Rock for an ultimate cypher of the Golden Era’s finest.









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