Prince is immortalized as one of music’s top performers.

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Some can carry a tune, some have immense stage presence, Others are true musicians, who’s skills encompasses an assortment of instruments. The Purple Rain rock star could do all three. Before uttering a single word over the mic, he captivated audiences around the globe with his eclectic style of dress and a variety of handcrafted custom guitars. Developing a notoriety, the iconic guitarist had a reputation which commanded attention at every show regardless of the location.

Julien’s Live Auction House says a guitar that Prince used in the late 1980s and into the 1990s has been sold for $700,000. Setting a new record for the highest amount paid for one of the late rock star’s one-of-a-kind guitars.


Based in Los Angeles, the auction house projected the storied teal blue Cloud guitar would sell between $60,000-$80,000. Prince selflessly donated the guitar in 1994 to benefit Los Angeles earthquake relief. Based on the numbers, even with $80,000 taken into consideration, The teal       Cloud surpassed predictions by a whopping $620,000.

Prince’s ‘Yellow Cloud’ guitar raked up a cool $137,500 at auction in 2016.

Who can forget Prince as “The Kid” in the 1984 classic Purple Rain. However the movie revealed something greater than the artist himself. We are introduced to the arguably the most famous guitar in music history. “That’s what a guitar is really, at least in the rock world,” proclaims Dave Rusan, the original craftsmen behind what would become known in Prince-ly lore as the Cloud guitar—one of four he crafted in the mid-’80s. “It’s so much more than just part of a costume. It’s a means of expression, power, identity, you name it,” he added.

Andy Beech, who crafted the teal blue cloud, designed 31 guitars for Prince throughout his career.

Forever in our hearts, Prince lives on.