In 2002, the highly anticipated, Curtis Hanson written and directed film 8 Mile debuted in theaters. The filmed starred a young Marshall Mathers, better known to the world as Eminem, arguable one of best emcees of this generation.

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With the story based in the historic 313 around Em’s character of B-Rabbit, a talented, white rapper with a wreck of a home life, but with an all-black crew that reps for him on and off the stage, he’s destined for success. Through a series of embarrassments, betrayals, lyrical and physical battles, B-Rabbit receives the respect he unmistakably earns.

Em’s star studded co-cast includes his promoter sidekick Future, who is played by famed actor Mekhi Phifer, Papa Doc is B-Rabbit’s arch-nemesis, who is played by Anthony Mackie, Kim Basinger plays Rabbit’s troubled mom and the late Brittney Murphy plays Rabbit’s fair-weather girlfriend in this unconventional, urban drama.


Salute to Eminem, Xzibit, D-12, Njeri Earth, Obie Trice and the other Detroit emcees who made cameo appearances in this classic flick.