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Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in a UFC ring in over a year. Since his last UFC fight, McGregor has made a name for himself and a lot of money. For the UFC to regain his services, it’s going to cost them.

McGregor appeared in Dublin last week at the premiere of his documentary, Notorious and let the reporters know how he felt.

“They’ve got to entice me now because I came from a billion dollar fight,” McGregor said referencing the Mayweather boxing match he lost.

They’ve got to entice me. I want equity. I want ownership. I want to be a true partner, similar in the way I was in the Floyd fight. I was a promoter and I was a fighter, and that must continue for me to continue.


It’s easy to see why the UFC would give in to Conor McGregor’s demands. Every fight he’s been in, at least since Jose Aldo, has skyrocketed the pay-per-view buys. There’s no question he’s made everyone and incredible amount of money and that was before he got the heat coming in from a “billion dollar” fight with Floyd Mayweather. The nugget here though is they still want him to fight in 2017.